Learning in Lima & the Women's Initiative 2005 to 2014 . . . .

(Regional Good Practice Award 2007)


This award was for a project we have been involved with since 2005 when one of our members, Sylva von Bomsdorff, told us of her work in a slum area of Lima.  Living conditions are very basic and petty thieving and poor safety factors are a feature of this area.  Many children have no access to education (for which the parents have to pay) and there is a lack of employment for women especially those with children.

Sylva has been able to start a school and SI Bristol, with support from Rotary Club of Bristol and from SI Croydon, have helped with money to buy books, computers, sewing machine and other equipment which have been sent out courtesy of the RAF when they have space.
Current position, 2011 (briefly):
About 150 children are enrolled, and the school building is expanding upward to accommodate a cr
che, library, computer corner, etc. The roof has become a safe playground.
Breakfast and milk are provided for the children. With help from the mothers they go on outings - to a farm, to the fun fair - and celebrate occasions like Mother's Day and Father's Day with games, dancing and, most importantly, good food.


SOME PICTURES TO HELP THE WORDS (scroll down for "Olympiad"):-

  Walls going up Equipment being erected children on "assault course" netting      

The 4th Floor has been built as an open-air playground (a roof next year maybe)

  Infants at lunch table Nursery children about to eat Juniors with food in front of poster  



Farmers Day feast

  Street scene with ballons juniors carrying the flag members of staff on stage  

Ready for Father's Day concert

The flag team starts proceedings

Then the concert  
  First graders exercising Juniors in class Juniors on stage  
  Ist grade Juniors Juniors Juniors putting on a show  

and these show the latest play area being well used


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